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A Word on our metaverse projects

We’ve been working on several Metaverse projects.  Each has been in production since before the term Metaverse was in widespread use. Here are two of our projects.

  • VBUYR – The Mall of the MetaVerse – Using the latest in gaming technology comes the next evolution in online shopping. VBuyR will allow people to buy, sell and socialize with others in a mall environment in the Metaverse.
    • VBuyR is an open world that will allow players to interact with each other and actual real-life vendors and in many cases in their actual stores. They will be able to buy products and services (real and virtual), buy food and have it delivered to them in real life, bank, play games and make money.

  • Museum of Captured Light – What … another ‘Museum’? Why a Museum of Captured Light?  For one thing there is no other institution that has this specific image base as the core resource.  Not to mention the focus on pattern, color and light.
    • We will use the power of the Unreal Engine by Epic and cloud technologies to bring our metaversal experience to life on every platform. The experience will extend to the “real” world through MR reality experiences.

Both projects are being developed using Unreal Engine and will be available to consumers on all platforms. For more information please go to

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