Scanning houses and providing dronography for AGI Construction

An exercise in collaboration

SeannLewiscom, LLC and AGI Construction has teamed up on many different projects. We used our tech expertise to help AGI integrate Lidar, dronography into their workflow in order to streamline their design processes and help them with their marketing efforts.

Matterport is only one of many scanning solutions we use

Using Technology to make things easier

The initial object of using the scanner and the drone was to be able to very quickly draw up floor plans of the residence and to be able to inspect the house from the office. As we played with the data more we were able to find other uses for it.

Those uses include:

  • using the point cloud in Revit in order to speed up workflow
  • using the video as one would the tour in order to inspect from the office
  • using the video in order to create a point cloud to use in a similar fashion as the inside
  • Both the video and the tour helps with marketing efforts