3D Solutions and Data

Here is some of the data from The Green House. Captured with a 4k Camera from a Yuneec Drone

The 3D model was put together from a series of videos that was made when simply trying to document the site. IT was not intended for photogrammetry but it shows what can be done when the data is processed.

Video: IT’s a Facebook video so you will have to click “Watch on Facebook”

3d data

[canvasio3D objPath=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/AGI_1326.obj” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ objScale=”1.00″ lightSet=”1″ Mouse=”on”][/canvasio3D]

This is a full first person walk through. THere is an unskippable intro but after that the walkthrough follows normal first person wasd controls. Just walk through doors to go into rooms

Original drawing:


Using 360 video for:


Relaxation and positive mental conditioning

Putting a person in a place they might not be able to go to otherwise. Like if they are bedridden